Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Tough Love Groom by Taylor Hart


Texas Titan quarterback, Kade Kincaid, affectionately known by his fans as Zeus, doesn't want to go to some stupid bachelor auction, and he really doesn't want some newbie PR rep babysitting him, but a crazed, supermodel stalker won't leave him alone and he needs someone to block for him. Felicity Song has plans for her PR career, and babysitting a spoiled quarterback billionaire wasn't one of them. When he demands she 'fake' buy him at the auction or risk losing her job, she takes the assignment with one demand, she will NOT go on a date with him. Too bad Zeus is as cocky as his namesake and won't let her off the hook. When she plans a perfectly horrible date full of activities Kade hates, she's blindsided when he agrees to actually jump out of a plane with her and even more surprised when he kisses her. Good thing she slaps him and discovers... the Greek God's flesh is just as fragile as any other mortal man. When a tragedy strikes Felicity and Kade steps up to help her, she has to make a choice: lose her one shot at love... or do the one thing she's told herself she would never do again.


There are quite a few of these Texas Titan Romances about hunky billionaire football players... this is the second one I have read and I have to say I am hooked! Taylor Hart did not disappoint in this book. Felicity works as Kade's PR rep and she is less than thrilled. She has a heart condition and doesn't like to get close to anyone but Mr. Kade sneaks his way into her heart. He was one determined guy and she put up a fight. I enjoyed the characters and their funny, determined and caring personalities. This had a little bit of everything in it with some family drama on both sides, fun adventures, heartache, tragedy, "tough love" and of course some clean swoony romance. You are drawn in from the beginning and then it has quite the end!

Stars: 5

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