Friday, January 26, 2018

Romancing the Singer by Cami Checketts


Daisy Castleton hasn't been home since she won Singing with the Stars and a huge recording contract, but where else do you escape from the tabloid sharks when you discover you have throat cancer? Daisy wants nothing more than to disappear as she faces the fact that she may never sing again. Between family issues and an impossible to ignore attraction to her childhood hero, Daisy can't catch a break. After all, how do you stop yourself from falling in love with the perfect guy?
Jamison Hall came home to Snow Valley after a successful career in the European Basketball Association. When he literally runs Daisy off a hiking trail with his horse, he discovers a connection and love he'd never imagined. But Daisy is like a beautiful fairy: always out of reach and afraid even the best of men will burn her wings. 
Can they survive a snow storm and the media storm, together?


Oh man this one really pulled at my heart strings! Daisy is a famous singer who has recently found out she has throat cancer and may not be able to sing again. No one knows about her cancer and she wants to keep it that way as long as possible. So she heads home to one of my favorite small towns... Snow Valley. Of course she sees Jamison one of her brother's best friends and they are drawn to each other but she pushes him away multiple times knowing she shouldn't get close to him because of her unsure future. The way he treats her and the sparks that fly makes you just wanting her to tell him so he can be there for her but you understand her point of view too with not wanting to get close to anyone. I loved their characters and his cockiness was funny. I couldn't put it down and read it very quickly. Cami just has a way to draw you right in from the beginning!

Stars: 5

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