Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jessica & James: A Love Story by Kimberley Montpetit


Suffering with a broken heart, Jessica has struggled to forgive herself for that fateful night when her childhood love was killed in a car accident. After staying away from home for years, she finally returns for Christmas and meets James Douglas who is unlike any minister-in-training she's ever known. James can not only dish back Jessica's finely tuned sarcasm but understand grief all too well, turning Jessica's world and her faith upside down. Is she ready to take another risk on love?
Living 2,000 miles apart proves difficult and Jessica and James' love is tested in a myriad of ways, but James can't get the spitfire Jessica out of his mind. When she comes home to Snow Valley to accept an inheritance with her male ballet partner in tow, James and Jessica's passion for each other takes on a new edge.


I loved this clean holiday romance! Jessica is a talented ballerina who has moved away from her home town after a tragedy. She has left her home, family, and her faith. She finally comes home after many years and her life gets turned upside down. Jessica meets James, the soon to be pastor, and with a little holiday magic sparks begin to fly between the unlikely pair. I love their chemistry and how James handles her sarcasm and is able to help her. It made me sad when they started growing distant but I am glad they were able to find their way to their happily ever after. I love when I get to go back to the fun small town of Snow Valley, Montana. It is one of my favorite towns to read about. I loved this book because it combined two Snow Valley books by Kimberley into one and added a bonus chapter. I loved weddings and everything about them so the bonus chapter was a great addition!

Stars: 4.5

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