Monday, August 13, 2018

A Date for the Detective by Liz Isaacson


Dahlia Reid is one of the best detective Brush Creek and the surrounding towns has ever had. She's given up on the idea of marriage-and pleasing her mother-and has dedicated herself fully to her job. Which is great, since one of the most perplexing cases of her career has come to town. She spends odd hours with her male partner, researching strange topics, and thinking of different angles to figure out who's bringing drugs though their county.
Kyler Fuller thinks he's finally ready to move past the woman who ghosted him years ago. He's cut his hair, and he's ready to start dating. Too bad every woman he's been out with is about as interesting as a lamppost- until Dahlia. He finds her beautiful, her quick wit a breath of fresh air, and her intelligence sexy.
But her top secret case pulls her away a lot, causing her to break their dates often. Kyler wants to be patient, because he's never met someone who speaks to his heart the way Dahlia does. But he's frustrated he comes second to the job. When he finds himself in the middle of her case-right between her and the man she's looking for-Kyler will have to decide if she's worth the risk or if he should look for a date who doesn't hunt criminals for a living.


This book had it all from pretty much love at first sight to suspense and heartbreak. It kept me reading and I may have stayed up too late to finish it. I loved that Dahlia is a detective... she is a strong, tough girl and I could never imagine being put in situations that her job puts her in. Kyler went to his family cabin to get away and little did he know he would meet a beautiful woman and then get put in the middle of an investigation. Dahlia has always put her job first and she finally found someone that she wants to put first but she has a hard time deciding what to do. I loved their connection and their relationship that quickly developed. It was an intriguing clean romance.

Stars: 4.5