Saturday, February 10, 2018

Around the Bend by Liz Isaacson (Love me Tender box set)


Cowboy Elliot Hawthorne has just lost his best friend and cabin mate to the worst thing imaginable-marriage. Elliot would be happy for his best friend if he weren't quite so jealous. When his brother calls about an accident with their father, Elliot rushes down to Gold Valley from the ranch only to be met with the most beautiful woman he's ever met.
His father's new physical therapist, Holland Marsh, likes the handsome face and gentle spirit she sees in Elliot too. The spark between them is instant and Elliot's grateful he's finally found someone he can connect to.
But without his brother's stamp of approval and with the way Holland's previous relationship ended, Elliot and Holland seem to be hitting the accelerator and the brake at the same time. Because her sister is now dating her ex-fiancé, Holland struggles to believe that Elliot could actually be interested in her. And when Brenda comes to town, Holland's sure Elliot will gravitate toward the more magnetic sister. Can Elliot and Holland navigate difficult family situations to find happily-ever-after?


I love Gold Valley and all the cute cowboy's that live in this town. This is a short and sweet novella that is part of the Gold Valley series but also part of the "Love Me Tender" box set. It had good descriptions for the length of the book and was very quick paced. Do you believe in first sight? Well Holland and Elliot didn't until one day... Holland has moved to Gold Valley to make a new life for herself and when he makes eye contact with one of her patience son's her life is forever changed. Elliot feels like the only one without a significant other and when he goes to help his father after he is injured his world is flipped upside down when he meets Holland. Sparks fly and a kiss happens before their first date... oo la la! Cute book about love, trials to overcome and life to continue living.

Stars: 4

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