Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Disenchanted One by Cami Checketts


Marissa Yates fell in love with Byron Judd three years ago, but she caught him holding another woman and she ran. She's built a great life for herself and has kept Byron at arm's length, only talking to him through phone, email, or text. She knows if she sees him again, he'll charm his way right back into her heart.
Byron has no clue why Marissa ran from his life, but he does know his only chance to win her back is his brother's wedding. His brother's fiance, Summer, schemes up a Lonely Billionaire Pact to help him be reunited with the only woman who has ever broken his heart.


This is a VERY short story about two people who were in love and because of a misunderstanding were not together anymore. Byron and Marissa stayed in contact but never saw each other until a wedding three years later. I loved it! Marissa's reaction a couple times was maybe a bit childish but she was very upset. It is a companion story to Cami's book The Daring One... I have not read that one yet but this one had a lot of info and back story for you to not feel lost in such a short amount of pages. I wished it was longer but it was sweet, clean, and swoon worthy.

Stars: 5

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