Monday, January 16, 2017

Christopher & Jaime by Jennifer Peel


Doesn't everyone say you should marry your best friend? Jaime Seger has two goals in life: marry  her best friend, the man that owns her heart and soul, and buy her very own grand piano. But Christopher McKay, who has no idea Jaime's been in love with him since she was eleven years old, never gets the memo and marries someone else. When Christopher's wife dies, Jaime finds herself helping him raise his young daughter. A year later, she is on the other end of a very unlikely proposal, promising everything she thought she ever wanted. But can their friendship survive a marriage of convenience?


I really enjoyed this book. It is about best friends that have always been there for each other and she has always loved him. She is a great mother to his daughter and just wants life to be different with him. It definitely pulls at your heart strings with all the different emotions that you feel while you read it. The characters were developed very well and you felt what they were going through with them. I liked how it was written by getting his life story and thoughts through his journal entries. There are a couple swear words, a little talk about drinking, and marital issues but it is still clean just probably not squeaky clean. I loved the whole book but I really loved the ending. Happy endings make me oh so happy!

Stars: 4.5

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