Saturday, March 10, 2018

On Deck for Love by Rebecca Talley


Meg Summers was bullied about her weight when she was a kid. Now as an adult, she's passionate about fitness and health. Just before the launch of her online business,, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her BFF, Shayla, on a singles cruise. Meg plans to dodge all the shipboard losers by staying in her stateroom and putting the finishing touches on her website.
Drew McDermott has one goal on this singles cruise: find a woman for his heartbroken brother, Joey. Drew plans to bide his time during the cruise, then return to his successful-albeit unfulfilling-career as an attorney in Dallas.
Shortly after the mandatory safely meeting aboard the ship, Meg meets Drew and sparks fly. When Shayla and Joey hit it off, Meg finds herself spending time with Drew instead of working on her website. Despite her better judgment, she begins falling for him-hard-until a shocking discovery dredges up painful memories from her childhood and changes everything. Will this revelation doom Meg's blossoming relationship with Drew or will she be able to move past it?


This is a fabulous book that draws you right in...What can I say? I didn't want to put it down! This is a wonderful clean read that kept me turning the pages when I should have been sleeping.
Meg is talked into going on a cruise with her best friend Shayla. Shayla is excited to have fun and Meg is ready to work... little do they know their lives will be changed on the first day. I often dream of a vacation on a beach so I loved that this book was set on a cruise and had some fun beach settings too. The characters have great chemistry and there is quite a twist that I didn't see coming. Meg has some baggage and she holds on to grudges... you wish she could just move on but it's so hard for her. This was a great reunion romance filled with friendship, forgiveness, trust and of course some swoon worthy kisses. I was excited when I found out there was going to be another novella in Rebecca's Reunion Romance Series. I really enjoyed the other two novellas: Best Kind of Love and Grounded for Love, and this one was just as great and did not disappoint.

Stars: 5

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