Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Worth the Risk by Heather B. Moore


When Alicia moves back to Pine Valley to help her mom through a serious addiction, the last person she wants to see is her teenage crush, Jeff Finch, who destroyed their friendship in one single disastrous night. Alicia is determined to not let anything about Jeff affect her, especially since she hasn't seen him in ten years. All she knows is that he's living a successful and charmed life, and she is more than happy to keep anything between them in the past. But when he shoes up with a date at the restaurant where she works, Alicia realizes she's still not over her feelings, and Jeff is definitely looking at her in a way he never has before.


I was excited when Heather said she was coming out with some more contemporary romance! This one was great and did not disappoint and to top it off it is a series with two more books coming. Woot Woot! The characters were very well developed. Alicia returned to Pine Valley to care for and help her mother who was struggling in different ways. It was interesting to read about her Mom's issues and how they helped her through it. Alicia works at an upscale restaurant and who comes to the restaurant but the one and only Jeff Finch, who ruined their friendship many years ago in high school. This is a wonderful book about friendship, forgiveness, learning to trust and second chance love. It was a sweet contemporary romance book that kept me turning the pages.  I look forward to reading more books about Pine Valley.

Stars: 4.5

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