Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Between the Reins by Liz Isaacson


Twelve years ago, Owen Carr left Gold Valley and his long-time girlfriend, in favor of a country music career in Nashville. With one platinum album and a number one hit single under his belt, he returned after things went wrong with his manager and his record label. When he suddenly becomes a father to his eight-year-old niece, he's in way over his head.
He needs a nanny to care for Marie so he can keep up with the demands of his busy job at Silver Creek-and Natalie Ringold is a godsend. She can cook, she cleans, Marie loves her- and she just so happens to be the long-time girlfriend that Owen hasn't made amends with. Yet.
Married and divorced, Natalie teaches ballet at the dance studio in Gold Valley, but she never auditioned for the professional company the way she dreamed of doing. With Owen back, she realizes all the opportunities she missed out on when he left all those years ago- including a future with him.Can they mend broken bridges in order to have a second chance at love?


Today is release day for this awesome book! I haven't read too many of Liz's books yet but this is my favorite of hers so far. This is the 4th book in the Gold Valley series and the first one I've read. I did not feel lost or confused with characters so it is definitely a stand alone book too. This is one of those kinds of books that leaves you wanting to be a better person and not take for granted those around you that love you and that you love more. This was a book about friendship, forgiveness, faith, love and possible second chances. Owen and Natalie haven't seen each other in years and both had been through a lot. Their paths cross and they pretty much pick up where they left off 12 years ago but continue to reflect on the past. These two both have very big hearts and learned to put the past behind them and move forward with faith and love for those around them. I loved the chemistry between the two and I also enjoyed the realness of the characters. Liz is a talented author and this was another great read!

Stars: 5

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