Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Desperately Seeking Mr. Right by Sally Johnson


Phoebe wasn't looking for love in London. In fact, she had just gotten off a Reality Love TV show that didn't end well. A simple baggage mix up introduces Phoebe to Bryan, and suddenly love seems like a possibility. But when the reality of the TV show catches up to her. Phoebe can't help but wonder if she will ever meet Mr. Right.


I am so excited for this new Destined For Love Series and I love that the books all take place in Europe. I love Europe and I can't wait to see where they visit. I have been receiving advanced copies of the books and they are so fun. This book was a great way to start a new series. You get to vacation with Phoebe in London, where she is going to get away from a bad situation. When she gets there her bag gets switched with someone else's bag and her fun filled vacation begins. There are little twists in the book that keep you wanting to read. The book focuses on Phoebe and Bryan but I loved all the fun things that helped you to know they were in England. From wrong side of the road driving, to red photo booths, crumpets, & the London Eye to name a few. It was a quick, clean read with some sweet kisses. I look forward to the next books in the series!

Stars: 4.5

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