Monday, May 14, 2018

Wedding Weekend by Rebecca Talley


Eden Brooks, a cynical social worker who's seen far too many broken relationships, flies to South Padre Island, Texas for her best friend's weekend wedding. Content to be the dutiful maid of honor, the last thing she expects is to meet a man- especially a good one.
Jeremy Rivera, the best man, is a cowboy-turned-software-developer from Dallas who's been too busy building his career to worry about a relationship.
When Eden and Jeremy meet, they're instantly drawn to each other. Unfortunately, one of the bridesmaids-who happens to be the bride's cousin- has set her sights on Jeremy and is determined to maneuver Eden out of the way any way she can. And Jeremy doesn't seem to mind.
Will the weekend end in a love connection between Eden and Jeremy or will it simply prove to Eden that there are no decent men out there?


A book that takes place on a beach is bound to be another favorite of mine. Man I love the beach and want to go... like yesterday! Eden came to South Padre Island for her best friends wedding and when she met the best man, Jeremy, sparks flew. There was an undeniable connection between the two but Eden didn't want to admit to that because she was not looking for a relationship. The book was well written and I enjoyed the characters. Jeremy is quite the guy and I'm glad he didn't give in to the cousin. The cousins actions were a funny addition to the book. This was a sweet, quick and clean read. I hope there is another book because I would love to hear more of Eden and Jeremy's story.

Stars: 4.5

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