Thursday, May 31, 2018

Silver Star by Lisa Swinton


Country superstar Sara Silver has it all: fame, fortune, and a mantel full of Grammy's. She also has a string of chart-topping heartbreak songs to go with them-all based on her miserable love life. Now her manager says Sara doesn't sing with the heart she used to. If she doesn't  come up with another hit album soon, then her label will move on to the next big thing.
Sara heads to a ranch in Wyoming to get back to her country roots and rediscover herself. To keep the press away, she hides her identity and is determined to let nothing distract her. Then she meets Cal: tall, brooding, and all cowboy. Sara falls for Cal and the quiet ranch life, but with each song she writes her time there draws to a close.
Sara will have to choose between the country stars of Nashville or the glittering stars of Wyoming sky... unless she can find a way to have both.


I've been waiting for Lisa to come out with a new book and YAHOO it's here! I just love love... did I say love? cuz I mean LOVE her books! And once a again she did a fabulous job! First, check out the cover... Amazing! Second, I'm a super big country music fan and this is about a country music star (you don't have to love country music to love this book) Bonus! And it's a wonderfully written clean romance that sucks you right in and keeps you turning those pages to the very end.
Sara has it all but her music career is not as heartfelt as it used to be so her manager sends her off to a ranch in Wyoming. She is sent to write and come back when she has songs for a new album. She didn't know what she would be getting herself into but little did she know her world would forever be changed by the wonderful people she spends the Summer with. I enjoyed all the characters in this book and what they brought to the story to help it be complete. I loved the story line, descriptions and situations that Sara went through to discover who she really was and what she wanted in life. The  friendship and connection that is formed between Sara, Cal and Stella is just perfect. This book should be added to your Summer reading list. LOVED IT!

Stars: 5

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