Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Mafia's Secret by Kimberley Montpetit


Anna Hamilton drops out of grad school to go back home to small-town Hartland Cove because she’s dead broke and her widowed father has received a devastating diagnosis. Working as a tour guide for the whale ship, Jewel of the Ocean, is the perfect job for a girl with a degree in marine biology, but at this rate, she’ll never get back to finishing her PhD.
 Meanwhile, socialite Elise Kensington, Anna's best friend from college, begs Anna to find her a job where she can hide off the grid. Turns out Elise’s fiancé is an heir to the Mafia but wants no part of the family “business”. The plan is to run-away and elope, before they find themselves the victims of an “accidental” death.
Anna’s hometown is filled with sightings of gorgeous Hollywood scouts, Mafia heirs on the run, and strangers with amnesia. Unwittingly, Anna finds herself attracted to the bachelors—including Chad Garrett, the boy next door, who has suddenly gone from skinny teen to model gorgeous.


This was an intriguing, suspenseful and swoon worthy book. Like the other books in this series once again I love the setting of this book and found myself intrigued again with the small town and wanting to visit. I love the beach, ocean and cute coastal towns! I also liked the uniqueness of the characters. At the very beginning Anna runs into Micheal and you find yourself hoping that a connection will form between Anna and this handsome man. You meet Anna's best friend Elise who is quite eccentric and wonder how they are so close. I also loved the friendship Anna had with her neighbor Chad. All these people are important in this book and what happens towards the end of the book is quite surprising and not what I thought would happen.
This book and storyline are packed with a bit of everything and definitely kept you guessing throughout the book and all the way to the end. It has quite the ending and I am glad to say I am happy with how it ended. It was another good one by Kimberley.

Stars: 4

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