Friday, September 15, 2017

A Family for the Farmer by Liz Isaacson


Blake Gibbons knows farming like the back of his hand. He knows when to plant, what to do if an early frost comes, and how to deal with pests. He also knows how to fix old buildings into something new, and he does several odd jobs around the town of Brush Creek. When his construction work takes him to the bakery, he meets Erin Shields, the niece of the bakery owner. She's beautiful, she's hard-working, and she has three children under the age of eight.
Erin has recently moved to Brush Creek to help her aunt and uncle with the pie-making side of the bakery. It's been a good, if difficult, change for her and her kids. Divorced a year ago, Erin's been living with her parents until she moves to Brush Creek, and she's determined to find a way to support herself and her kids. The bakery is the ticket and she works hard to figure out how much flour to put in pie crust to make it oh-so-flaky.
But now Blake's caught her eye, and as they start a relationship, Erin's worries increase. How will her children handle Blake in their lives? Is she ready for another husband? Where will they all live?
In the end, both Blake and Erin will have to search their souls -- and rely on God -- to find their path through farming and pie filling to a happily-ever-after.


From the first electrifying sparks that happen when Blake runs into Erin you know it's going to be another good book. Blake is a farmer at Brush Creek and quite the handyman and Erin is new to the area and working at her aunts bakery. The bakery needs some fixing and Blake was hired to do it, giving him a chance to get to know Erin. As they begin getting to know each other he learns of Erin's three kids and it starts some ups and downs in this budding relationship. This book has real life situations that many could relate to. I like this series and the way the characters appear in different books. They are all different but have great story lines. Read this clean, sweet novella and find out if Blake decided to take a chance on love.

Stars: 4.5

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