Friday, July 7, 2017

Lovers' Quarrel by Jessica L. Randall


True Love might be on the air!
Lovers' Quarrel is one of the hottest radio programs around, and Karina Kruz is the reason why. Fueled by her own secrets, Karina has dedicated herself to ridding the city of infidelity one call at a time. But she may have met her match when she crosses Ben Adler, who loses his girlfriend and budding career thanks to the show. When Ben tries to redeem himself, he and Karina make a wager that will end up pitting the two of them against each other over the air in Ben's own hometown. But with Karina stirring things up, the good people of Willow Grove aren't the only ones in danger of falling in love.


This was a fun and flirty romantic comedy with a unique story line. Karina is a radio DJ with her own radio show that helps others in their relationships...kind of in a surprising way. Ben is a wedding planner that just got dumped on the radio and his life kind of turned upside down thanks to Karina's radio show. A bet is made and Karina heads to Ben's small hometown to find out dirt on Ben. This small town has its quirks and everyone loves Ben and his family. Karina and Ben are very different and pretty much hate each other but are also drawn to each other at the same time. Love may not always turn out how you think or hope it will but don't let something great go.

Stars: 4

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