Monday, July 31, 2017

A Bride for the Bronc Rider by Liz Isaacson


Ted Caldwell has been a retired bronc rider for years, and he thought he was perfectly happy training horses to buck at Brush Creek Ranch. He was wrong.
When he meets April Nox, who comes to the ranch to hide her pregnancy from all her friends back in Jackson Hole, Ted realizes he has a huge family-shaped hole in his life. April is embarrassed, heartbroken, and trying to find her extinguished faith. She's never ridden a horse and wants nothing to do with a cowboy ever again.
But as she and Ted spend more time together, she begins to question her decision to put her baby up for adoption. Can Ted and April create a family of happiness and love from a tragedy?


This was a great book about looking past tragedies and not being scared for the future. Ted is a retired bronc rider that works at Brush Creek and he is happy and content with his life until he meets April who came to Brush Creek to get away. Their circumstances are unique and I was a little surprised by how quickly the relationship blossomed. But I love that Ted was there for April and didn't let that she was pregnant get in the way. It was a story of forgiveness and love. They were drawn to each other and the chemistry was there. It's another short and quick read so there are some time jumps so I do wish it could have been longer with more details. I guess that's a good thing right?! I just wanted more of the book! But these short and sweet love stories in this Brush Creek Bride series are all so great! I love how the characters life struggles in each book are so different but that they all turn to God for some help and they get their 
Happily Ever After.

Stars: 4

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