Friday, July 5, 2019

The Dancing Groom by Taylor Hart


A football player who trying to save his brother! A dancer who's trying to forget her past! Will they save each other?
Boston Brady, running back for the Miami Surf, only wanted three things from his month at a beach resort- to take care of his brother, train for football, and forget his ex-girlfriend! When he is suckered into taking dance classes by his brother, he never expected to get stuck with the one woman he'd accidentally infuriated upon arriving.
The beautiful and talented Addison Adair, former coach from Dancing With the Stars only wants two things-a spot on Jive International, a prestigious dance company, and to erase the pain and loneliness of losing her husband. When her dance partner falls through and Boston Brady agrees to fill in, and she suddenly finds her world turned upside down. He's intense and gives the Brady Guarantee that she'll get that spot-no matter what!
After long days of training, dips in the ocean at night, and an attraction for the football player that scares her, she finds herself getting lost in those blue eyes and lost in the kindness of the man she didn't think was possible and isn't sure she's ready for.
Just when Boston's family has an emergency, a dark part of his past shows up, derailing her audition. Now they're left with a choice-believe the worst and walk away, or believe in the power of second chances.


I was excited to read this one because I am a big fan of dancing and beaches so this book sounded like a win! I am loving this Brady family. They are all such tough guys but deep down they are great guys who are there for each other and those around them. Boston is struggling with some things in life and agrees to a beach vacation with Ty and to his surprise it turned out a lot differently than he planned. Addison is a dancer trying to make it again after the death of her husband and she never would have guessed where her path would take her. Boston enjoys dancing and helps Addison to prepare for her audition and planned to dance with her. I loved this book and it was a beautiful story about learning to trust. The characters had great chemistry and it was a sweet clean romance.

Stars: 4.5

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