Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hold Me At Twilight by Lucinda Whitney


When Knox Campbell goes to Portugal for a short business trip, he never planned on losing his documents. Now he's stranded in Porto, his passport lost, and his credit cards canceled. Unable to return to the US and without a place to stay, Knox turns to the travel agent who suggested the local day attractions for assistance.
Jacinta Romano loves helping her clients set up their dream trips, although she doesn't usually meet the ones visiting from abroad. But all that changes when a client shows up at the agency while her meddling family are still there. They latch on to him immediately, insisting Jacinta bring him home while he's stranded. Thankfully, he's only staying until his new passport arrives and after two weeks of playing hostess, she'll be glad to send him on his way.
Or will she?

The Romano Family series follows the stories of the Romano cousins of northern Portugal as they find love and their Happily-Ever-Afters.


Lucinda sucks you in with this cute, sweet and very quick read. It is a well written but too short novella that leaves you wanting to know more details but excited to read the other books coming out in the Romano Family series. It is set in Portugal like her other books and it made me miss traveling and Portugal.
Jacinta is a travel agent and Knox is visiting Portugal on a short business trip when his important information is stolen leaving him stranded. He decided to stop by the travel agency that had helped him with some touring info and there he sees Jacinta. When they meet her family is there and encourages him to come to dinner and the whirlwind adventure of waiting for his passport continues. Their story is very sweet and yes it is short but for the length of the novella the characters are well developed and the end leaves you with a smile and satisfied.
This gives you a glimpse into what the Destined For Love: Europe series will be like. I love Europe so I am looking forward to this new series by different authors to come out so I can dream of being back there.

Stars: 4

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