Friday, June 8, 2018

Falling for Lucy by Heather B. Moore


Lucy Morley's older sister is perfect, and her younger brother is nearly there, too. Yet Lucy can't even hold down a job, let alone stick with something like college. She drops out and floats from job to job. After yet another disastrous firing, she lands an interview at a bookstore-her dream job-and it doesn't hurt that her new boss, Adam Parks, is pretty much her dream man. But if Lucy is good at one thing, its guarding her personal life and more importantly her heart. Adam has other plans in mind, though, and they include finding a way into Lucy's heart.


I love Heather's Falling Series that came out last year so I was excited for a new novella. I loved this novella about Lucy who has had many jobs and didn't graduate from college. But little does she know that when she takes a part time job at a bookstore it could change her life forever. She is very kind and has a good heart. It was an extra quick read with great chemistry between the characters. I loved that it took place in a bookstore... I mean who doesn't love books ;)

Stars: 5

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