Friday, April 21, 2017

Choosing the Cowboy by Liz Isaacson


Maggie Duffin is all set to inherit her father's farm supply store in Amarillo, Texas. With only girls in her family, and Heidi now married and living at Three Rivers Ranch, she feels a sense of duty and family loyalty. Which is honorable- if it wasn't for her boyfriend, cowboy Chase Carver.
Chase is and always will be a cowboy at heart. He breaks up with nineteen-year-old Maggie at the request of her father, but he's miserable. He can only keep himself away for five months before returning to the store and the girl he loves. He believes that if he can prove to Maggie's father that he can provide a stable, secure life, that Chase and Maggie can be together again.
So he sets out on a quest to find his own ranch. But with financial trouble and personal issues around every corner, both Maggie and Chase will have to rely on their faith to find their happily-ever-after.


This is a very sweet novelette set in Texas in the 80's. This book is an exclusive book sent to Liz's newsletter subscribers but I wanted to put a review about it because there is a chance it will be published later on. I have only read a few of Liz's books but I am really enjoying her writing and the whole inspirational cowboy type stories. I don't normally read those types of books, but I am not sure why because a cute cowboy is always a plus!
Chase and Maggie were dating and when her parents found out, her Father wasn't happy because he was quite a bit older than Maggie. So Chase listened to her Father and left her alone. It was a hard few months and then he decided he needed to see her. It is a cute story about how true love doesn't just go away and determination to get what you want. Chase does some things to try and win over Maggie's father and prove he can provide and take care of her. It is another extra short but cute and clean story. It gives you a glimpse of Liz's excellent writing.

Stars: 4

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