Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lucky Number Thirteen by Liz Isaacson


Tanner's in Three Rivers, a changed man, to compete in the rodeo. He's glad to be forgiven of the misdeeds he's done, and he looks to his friends in Three Rivers as examples. He's ridden hundreds of bulls over the years, but when he draws Lucky Number Thirteen, the personal stakes for winning go up. He's never made it to the eight-second bell on this bull.

And he doesn't this time either. In fact, he makes it to the hospital with career-ending injuries. But not everything is lost, as his nurse, Summer Hamblin, seems to bring a balm to weary soul--and meds for his broken ribs. When Summer is assigned as Tanner's home-health nurse, he wonders if they can take their relationship beyond the walls of the hospital. Has God brought him to Three Rivers to stay?


This was an inspirational romance about a successful bull rider in the rodeo circuit who has been trying to turn his life around by focusing more on God. He visits Three Rivers for a rodeo and ends up injured and in the hospital. I love rodeos and I always get nervous for the bull riders and that I might witness someone getting injured by the bull. Sometimes I have to watch with one eye closed. ;) It makes me sad when someone's passion and life is turned upside down.
While in the hospital he has a cute nurse and things start looking up. I enjoyed this book and how their relationship develops through the challenges and difficulties of life. They are very sweet and caring towards each other. Things happen for a reason but you usually don't understand why right away. This was my first book I read in this Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series and I look forward to reading the others.

Stars: 4.5

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